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Mesin Las Kolarc S 400

  • The S 400 Inverter Power Unit provides seamless welding with seamlessly welded electrodes with rutile and basic character electrodes of 2.50mm, 3.25mm, 4.00mm and 5.00mm diameter.
  • Designed for long life use and high performance, especially under tough conditions such as the shipbuilding industry.
  • Extremely strong and ideal for grooving applications thanks to its high operating rate.
  • Digital ampere display and precise current setting for easy operation.
  • Thanks to the Inverter Technology, it provides up to 35% energy savings and a stable arc characteristic during welding.
  • The thermal overload protector and indicator lamp are used to prevent damage to the machine under overload or if the air flow through the machine is interrupted.
  • With the Hot Start feature, the electrode is easily ignited and it is prevented from sticking to the workpiece.
  • Arc Force provides high penetration and easy welding applications.
  • The LIFT-TIG function prevents tungsten from sticking to the material during arc formation in TIG welding applications.
  • Smart Cooling Fan Technology works only when needed, reducing noise, dusting inside the machine and energy consumption.
  • Wind Tunnel Design prevents the transport of dust, dirt and sand to the electrical components and electronic cards inside the machine by the cooling air flow, thus extending the life of the machine.
  • Can be produced in groups of 4, 6 and 8 for multiple use.
  • Fully compatible with electric generators.


  • Mains Voltage (VAC) 400 ± 10%
  • Ampere Range (A) 20-400
  • Duty cycle (40oC) 35%: 400 A, 36.0 V 60%: 350 A, 34.0V 100%: 300 A, 32.0 V
  • Maximum Input Power (kVA) 8.17
  • Open Circuit Voltage (VDC) 61
  • Dimensions (HxWxL, mm) 372 x 242 x 497
  • Net Weight (kg) 25
  • Standard Accessories 3 m Network Cable (4 x 4 mm2) 3 m Electrode Cable (35 mm2) 2 m Chassis Cable (35 mm2)
  • Stock code M0022
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